Source code for refnx.reflect._app

import sys

[docs]def gui(expt_file=None): from qtpy import QtGui, QtWidgets, QtCore # should enable high resolution on 4k desktops?? # " # one-way-to-deal-with-high-dpi-4k-screens-in-python/" if hasattr(QtCore.Qt, "AA_EnableHighDpiScaling"): QtWidgets.QApplication.setAttribute( QtCore.Qt.AA_EnableHighDpiScaling, True ) if hasattr(QtCore.Qt, "AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps"): QtWidgets.QApplication.setAttribute( QtCore.Qt.AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps, True ) from refnx.reflect._app.view import MotofitMainWindow from refnx.reflect._app import resources_rc app = QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv) # used to make sure that only decimal point is used for # entering floats (3.1), rejecting commas (3,1). # This reduces confusion for international users lo = QtCore.QLocale.c() lo.setNumberOptions(QtCore.QLocale.NumberOption.RejectGroupSeparator) QtCore.QLocale.setDefault(lo) app.setWindowIcon(QtGui.QIcon(":icons/scattering.png")) myapp = MotofitMainWindow() fnt = QtGui.QFont("Arial") fnt.setPointSize(12) app.setFont(fnt) if expt_file is not None: myapp._load_files_different_types(expt_file) myapp.raise_() v = app.exec() return v
[docs]def main(args=None): if args is None: expt_file = sys.argv[1:] else: expt_file = args sys.exit(gui(expt_file=expt_file))
__all__ = [gui, main]