Source code for refnx.dataset

from refnx.dataset.data1d import Data1D
from refnx.dataset.reflectdataset import ReflectDataset, OrsoDataset
from refnx._lib._testutils import PytestTester
from refnx._lib import possibly_open_file as _possibly_open_file

test = PytestTester(__name__)
del PytestTester

[docs]def load_data(f): """ Loads a dataset Parameters ---------- f: {file-like, str} f can be a string or file-like object referring to a File to load the dataset from. Returns ------- data: Data1D-like data object """ try: data = OrsoDataset(f) return data except Exception: # not an ORSO file pass try: d = ReflectDataset(f) return d except Exception: pass d = Data1D(f) return d
__all__ = [s for s in dir() if not s.startswith("_")]